If you took great to fantastic pictures of the Cloudkicker/Intronaut ensemble this past April, please email me at cloudkickermusic@gmail.com


p.s. Pls send full-band performance-type pictures in full resolution.

Signal/Noise but I swapped out some drums, polished up the drum programming, then remixed and remastered.

320 kbps mp3 download available at Soundcloud

I like this song so much

I’m on this compilation with an updated version of Signal/Noise

Music stuff

Here’s something I’ve been doing recently w/r/t constructing music. I’ll record one repetition of a guitar line, then bass, drums and ambient guitar tracks until I have an approximation of what I think the end of that particular build will resemble as far as density goes. It will look something like this:


Then I’ll use Logic’s “repeat section” tool and copy/paste the whole thing in some multiple of 2, muting all but the tracks I want the section to begin with. I’ll then listen to it, selectively un-muting tracks as it progresses. By the end, it may not be exactly what I was anticipating when I constructed the part during the first step—using this method gives me sort of a “drawer” of tracks that I can mix and match with. The end result looks like this:


This allows me to have a much more finite idea of how the song is going to progress and what I want to do dynamically throughout. I’ll now delete the greyed-out bits, re-record the guitars and bass, and begin the process of editing the drums to incorporate more dynamics and variety.

My wife got me some shirts from www.designbyhumans.com for my birthday and I’m fairly stoked on them. Check out the “abstract” section. It’s like all the stuff I like about cool band shirts without the hit-or-miss band part.

Happy 2 year birthday to Fade, probably my favorite Cloudkicker thing at this point.

Also, Pirates Press (vinyl manufacturer) sent the represses of LYBH, Fade, and Subsume to the wrong place :/ so there will be approximately a one week delay until those of you have ordered them receive your shipping confirmation via email. Apologies all around.

Let Yourself Be Huge, Fade, and Subsume vinyl is back in stock. In case you haven’t seen pictures of them yet, here they are.

Hello all, I’ve been invited to do an AMA on reddit by a moderator of the progmetal sub. So I’ll be doing that tomorrow (7/17) starting at 4pm EST.

See you then ~_~

This album is way good.

Shirts & Vinyl

I’ve restocked these two designs:




I’ve also added a quasi-new design. Do you remember this shirt?


I was re-ordering everything and went back into an email chain that went back and forth between Charlie and I and I noticed an earlier version of the design that actually looks pretty cool. So I decided to do this run of shirts using that version. Look:


I’ve also dropped the prices for some of the older designs to $10, and the remaining hoodies to $15.

All of these things are available at cloudkickermusic.com/merch


It looks like the re-presses of Let Yourself Be Huge, Fade, and Subsume are getting ready to leave the factory, so they should be available within the next couple weeks. We did some fancy stuff with entirely new colors on this run so I’m excited to see what they look like.

I just put the CDs that Blood Music sent me up for sale at cloudkickermusic.com

For decision making purposes, I have 60 of each and I sold the 20 copies of the LPs they sent me in less than 24 hours.

Jaga Jazzist - Toccata

Another tour discovery. From the album “One-Armed Bandit”

This is the song “Hello” without any effects on it and at normal speed and forwards. It is a single track of guitar that I played extemporaneously using a volume pedal, MXR Carbon Copy, and EHX Freeze.

Experimenting with new pickups courtesy of Stonewall Pickups. This is a custom H90 set in my 2004ish Les Paul Studio. I hope to expand on this riff sometime soon.

Do you like Elbow? You should check out Elbow. I’ve been listening to Asleep in the Back and The Seldom Seen Kid a lot recently.