Quick update: A bunch of stuff is sold out right now. When I get back home I’ll work on restocking those things.

Thanks to Dave for playing this in the van the other night.

This is the first video of the first two songs of our first set. More videos to come.

Here’s a picture from our first rehearsal last night. I walked in, set up my things, and we played the set from start to finish.

Listen/purchase: Afterlove by Pregnant Head

I’ve recommended this music before and his newest album is just as good if you enjoy the mellow or ambient end of the spectrum.

Listen/purchase: Four Stroke Baron EP by Four Stroke Baron

This is a strange EP, but I dig it. If you like odd music like Battles and Black Moth Super Rainbow but somehow mixed with Deftones or something you should give it a try.

Susumu Yokota - Tobiume

From the album “Sakura”, which is an awesome ambient album that’s like Brian Eno and Steve Reich mixed with traditional Japanese music. Wonderful for contemplation or pleasant conversation.


Bonobo - Prelude + Kiara

The Album Leaf - The Light

An old favorite of mine. Very good memories associated with this song.

Also, has everybody seen this? My brother’s girlfriend posted this on his wall the other day. I can’t read Japanese so I don’t know the band name or song title, but this video has everything.

Tim Hecker - Live Room + Live Room Out

I was turned on to this album by my friend and collaborator Charlie (Wagers). If your curiosity was piqued by “Hello” you would like this.

Video Plans

By far the question I’ve gotten the most in the past few weeks is whether or not any of the shows on this tour are going to be recorded. At the moment I know that there are plans to get the Columbus, Atlanta, and San Francisco shows on video. I would guess that there might be a couple more that pop up.

Another new date

4/12 Santa Ana, CA @ The Constellation Room

This is all three bands