Subsume Details

Hello all,

Sorry about the delay in publishing details, I went to go buy some shirts. Subsume is the name of the new album and it will be released in two weeks on September 14.

I’m going to do something new and fun this time. As of now, Subsume is available for digital pre-order via Bandcamp (which is now the same thing as You will instantly notice that the pre-order is not free, but rather $1 or more. Don’t worry, once the proper album is released it will be done so using the familiar $0 or more. Let me explain.

When you pay $1 or more for the pre-order, your email address will be registered with Bandcamp so that the instant the album is made available for download you will be notified. Due to a quirk in the Bandcamp software, the only way to accomplish this is by charging you an amount of money. The minimum is 51 cents but I thought that was a very odd number and upped it to a plain old dollar.

As a present for pre-ordering the album you will be able to download a remixed version of the first track, titled “The warmth of the daytime seemed like a dream now.” This remix was created by t16, who some of you may know is my brother. Once the album is released it will not include this song, although you will be able to stream it from his Soundcloud page. So that’s another incentive to pre-order.

Let’s talk merch now.

Subsume will be released as a digital album and on vinyl (and to stream on Spotify, Google Play, rdio, and so on). Yes, I am foregoing CDs. I’m sorry if this is an inconvenience but I just don’t see the point anymore. Instead, you are presented with a choice of two very nicely adorned LPs. The standard edition will be pressed on transparent red and will look something like this:

A limited edition of 100 will be pressed on 2-color opaque vinyl. It will look something like this:

If all goes according to plan, vinyl will be in stock roughly two to three weeks after the release of the album.

In addition, there will be two new shirt designs for sale. I’m hoping to have these available the day of the album release.

Design 1:

Design 2:

Thank you all very much and I hope you have as much fun listening to the album as I have had making it.